Thorsten Distler
MA Translator + Certified Copywriter + Certified Fitness Trainer
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Online product catalogue for Megaform

Transcreation of product descriptions of sports, exercise and educational games marketed by Megaform (July 2018)

The Belgian company Megaform markets innovative educational sports and exercise games. I translated the company’s entire online catalogue for Megaform’s marketing department.

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News for international football associations

News on the latest sporting developments and trends for the websites of the major international football associations (May 2011 to September 2014)

As a DFB fitness coach, avid reader of Kicker magazine, regular stadium visitor, active club player and youth trainer, I am as close to the sport as a translator can be – and this greatly facilitates my work. The knowledge gained during journalism seminars at the Akademie der Bayerischen Presse have also proven immensely beneficial.

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Powerstar Golf simulation

Translation of tutorials, tips, dialogue fields and menus (August 2013)

The great art in simulations such as Powerstar Golf featuring dialogue fields lies in complying with the length restrictions of the text fields. The strings must be kept short and to the point – while also sounding credible. Because “Talking about golf is more fun than playing golf” (Dieter Rivola, professional golfer).

Basketball simulation

Translation and support for one of the world’s two largest multilingual basketball simulations for a global player in the video game industry (June 2014 to July 2016)

I was commissioned to translate in-game assets and marketing content such as blog posts, video commentaries and news for the website.

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