Thorsten Distler
MA Translator + Certified Copywriter + Certified Fitness Trainer
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Spot-on sports and health content

Your sports and health translator and editor: always on the ball

The sports industry, sports marketing, sports science and sports medicine: all are evolving at a breathtaking pace! So I always keep abreast of the latest developments via radio and television. I also regularly review the current state of knowledge in specialist literature – on injury prevention, rehabilitation and training science. This means you can be sure your translation is in competent hands.

Because only knowledgeable experts can supply good translations.

First-hand experience

Even more valuable than sound expertise: personal familiarity with the knowledge gained. My training plan gives comprehensive insights into diverse aspects of physical fitness – from endurance, coordination and flexibility to power and speed. The transition between my professional and sporting activities is essentially fluid. I like to try out what I read, translate and write. When it comes to your projects, I draw on my wealth of sporting experience. For you, this means: I view your material from an end-consumer perspective – as a health-conscious sportsman.

As an external language service provider, I am your linguistic beta tester – your upstream consumer. This contributes enormous added value to your communication with customers.
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