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Marketing translations: text type versus specialisation

There are two types of marketing translations: On the one hand there are specialised translations in the specific field of marketing. These documents provide a factual analysis of your business. The source and target texts are accordingly dry and prosaic. At the other end of the scale is the transcreation and marcom translation service I offer. Here, “marketing” relates to the purpose of your publications. The translation service equates to multilingual copywriting.

Shift up a gear with my creative translations.
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Streamlined for maximum performance: I use the following techniques to whip your PR and advertising copy into shape:
  • Catchy claims
  • Captivating storytelling
  • Vivid metaphors
  • Emotional addresses
  • Convincing arguments
  • Conceivable benefits
  • Targeted language

From adverts to newsletters to your website: I transform your successful imagery into three-dimensional text.

Your multilingual text director

A talented marketing translator is like an accomplished film director: a visionary filmmaker conjures up masterpieces on the screen – intriguing thrillers and brilliant blockbusters that captivate viewers. Applied to translation, this means: to create an original smash hit in HD, you need a competent wordsmith.

Imagine the picture: your customers can see it all in their mind’s eye and your brand is the star! I turn your products and services into a blockbuster.

Your marketing translator – a commissioned artist

A master of their trade must be familiar with the basic forms of presentation. A film director is thoroughly familiar with the different film genres. Or the basic components of a film script. In multilingual copywriting, this means: your multilingual copywriter must be familiar with the text conventions. Press releases and magazine articles have a set basic structure, for instance. A framework to help convey and support your sales and marketing goals.

Modern marketing translators are a kind of commissioned artist. Those who translate advertising and PR receive a clear brief from their client. And they write for a specific target audience. Within this strategic framework, they enjoy relative creative freedom. Success thus depends on their individual expertise. High demands are made of multilingual copywriters. The ideal candidate ...
    • has several years' training as a translator.
    • masters their source and target languages perfectly.
    • is extremely familiar with the background of their source and target cultures.
    • has an excellent feel for language and rhythm.
    • employs an extensive repertoire of creative techniques.
    • impresses with their natural creative power.
    • holds an additional qualification in copywriting.
    • completes regular further training in YOUR specialist fields.
    • demonstrates ample practical experience in YOUR field of expertise.
    • has already successfully managed projects in YOUR subject areas.

What is needed here are resourceful, well-trained multilingual copywriters with creative flair and translation expertise. Specialised language artists cater to contemporary audiences and your recipients’ tastes. A multilingual specialist conveys vivid positive messages for you. In line with your corporate identity.

I capture the spirit of the times and fashion masterpieces for you. Creating texts that sell and convince.

Workflow in marketing translation

Copywriting across linguistic borders is a complex, multilayered process. Particularly when planned strategically and executed impeccably. To recap: feelings, messages, emotions and connotations must be conveyed. From the foreign language into the mother tongue. From one culture to another. It involves far more than just creating advertising copy – in itself a demanding task.

Note: transcreation and marcom translation = translation PLUS copywriting = multilingual communication for your brand image and sales

Marcom translation workflow

The work required and creative process involved in transcreation and marcom translation are similar. The process for the latter is highly condensed though: short brief – draft translation – internal copy-editing. Both the research and the creative processes (e.g. brainstorming, incubation, copywriting and adaptation) take place in parallel with translation – and that requires extensive experience and creative talent.

Transcreation workflow

The transcreation process is far more transparent and easier to follow. It is the most extreme kind of marketing translation.

The workflow is as follows:
  1. Brief
  2. Research
  3. Draft translation
  4. Further research
  5. Brainstorming
  6. Consolidation
  7. Copywriting and adaptation
  8. Review
  9. Polishing
  10. Final checks
(Adapted from the workflow by the copywriter and seminar leader Nina Sattler-Hovdar)

A clear brief based on a questionnaire forms the basis. This is followed by research and preparation of a draft translation, when I immerse myself even deeper in your field. It is of course hugely advantageous if the translator already specialises in your field. This will save you time and money. And render the need for additional research obsolete. The quality of the target text is also significantly enhanced.

Next comes the brainstorming. Creative techniques learned for example in training seminars are applied here. The subsequent consolidation involves taking a step back. I consider the work thus far from the perspective of your target audience.

The advantage: I intuitively pick out the best communication strategy for your presentation. So that everything fits with your overall presence, brand image and target audience.

Scene by scene, I orchestrate the perfect show from my text atelier.

My constructive solutions are transformed into print-ready texts and adaptations. All content naturally then undergoes the requisite grammar and style review. Then comes one last polish before the final read-through.

Monolingual and multilingual copywriting

Do you not yet have a print-ready source text? If need be, I will gladly draft entire lines of argument. From features to benefits to advantages! Specifically: you brief me in English or French and I prepare the German copy for you.

For monolingual or multilingual copywriting: I’ll pull out all the stops for you.

Benefit from my sound skills and present yourself in the best possible light.
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