Thorsten Distler
MA Translator + Certified Copywriter + Certified Fitness Trainer


So what’s different about transcreation? Transcreation requires a detailed brief. What’s more, the texts produced are entirely different to the source text. From image files through metaphors to the text structure: this option involves maximum variation in the translation and copywriting.

In other words: the source file is the raw material. The experienced translator and copywriter uses this to craft an entirely new text in the target language. An original that achieves the same effect as the source text. It is worth investing in well-written transcreations. Entrust your advertising texts and PR to an experienced copywriter.

Only transcreations prepared for your specific purpose by a seasoned pro will truly hit the mark.

Find out more here about the process of transcreation and marcom translation.

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TRANSCREATION OF PR AND AVERTISING MATERIAL: Brochures, customer magazines, employee magazines, mailings, newsletters, presentations, press releases and product catalogues

€90 per hour

Use my creative power for your success.
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20 years’ translation experience and the creative energy of a skilled copywriter: that's a dangerous mixture. Keep your distance – unless you want your turnover in your new markets to explode.
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