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Yoga websites and magazines

Translation and copy-editing of yoga magazines and websites (May 2013 to May 2014)

Five years of yoga practice – at times with up to three classes per week – prepared me well for this project series. As the copy editor, I was able to rectify stylistic errors and inconsistent terminology, ensuring the necessary clarity. The publisher subsequently entrusted me with the localisation of several entire magazines. Different sections covered topics such as exercise routines, Ayurveda, philosophy, spirituality and yoga retreats.

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Everyday Yoga

Adaptation of the entire book (June to August 2015)

Sage Rountree has rightly made a name for herself on the US yoga scene. Her yoga menus are uniquely accessible to readers. With such an outstanding author and yogini, doing justice to the original and at the same time making the German text even better than the English original presented a real challenge. Read more ...

10 Minute Yoga Calm

Translation of the entire guide (December 2014 to January 2015)

An extremely well structured, comprehensive handbook covering everything from equipment to sun salutations to advanced sequences – everything you could possibly need to soothe a stressed body and mind.

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