Thorsten Distler
MA Translator + Certified Copywriter + Certified Fitness Trainer

Copywriting and online journalism

Don't have a print-ready source text yet? If need be, I will gladly draft entire lines of argument. From features to benefits to advantages. Specifically: brief me in English, German or French and I will prep the German copy. Address your end customers directly with tailored content.

Add top texts to your brand and image marketing.

Marketing and PR content

Need a brilliant idea for your employee magazine? A new approach for your newsletter? Or a press release prepped by a pro?

As your external concept and copy supplier, I contribute my full creative power – for articles and press releases that the intended audience really will read.

Appealing PR texts grab the attention of relevant journalists and editors. This portrays your brand in a positive light in trade media.

Cross-media editing

Want to fill your new blog with juicy content to attract new business? I serve your readers content in bite-sized morsels. I conduct research in all of my working languages. The perfectly polished final product is then available in German, my mother tongue. Which format are you interested in?
  1. Information-oriented: notifications, messages, reports, features, profiles and interviews
  2. Opinion-oriented: commentaries, critiques, service texts, blog posts and magazine articles
Blog post, story board, podcast or image video: I’ll pull out all the stops for you.

Bundle Highlight 3

COPYWRITING AND EDITING: Blog posts, brochures, contents, magazine articles, mailings, newsletters, presentations, press releases, product catalogues, service texts, websites, etc.

€350 per standard page*

BASE RATE: Hourly rate for briefing, project work, research and copywriting

€90 per hour

*One standard page = 1,500 characters including spaces = 30 lines

Blast into new markets with confidence. With me leading the way, cut elegantly through the language and cultural barriers. And immediately impress a whole new audience.
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A multilingual content guide will haul you to the top of the German-speaking world. Do you have a head for heights? Don’t look down – you might get dizzy. Or gaze in wonder when you see how tiny the competition looks, right down in the valley. Are you up for the adventure?
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