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Marcom translations, creative translations and localisation

Marcom translations

Marcom translations are suitable for sales and image purposes. A marketing translation actually involves two services in one: specialised translation PLUS copywriting. For the following text types, you need someone who can produce excellent copy:
  • Product and company brochures
  • Press releases
  • Internet presences and websites
  • Promotional mail-outs
  • Employee mailings
  • Magazine articles and journalistic texts
  • Product catalogues
  • Posters

I offer creative translations as propounded by the renowned Germersheim school of thought. My approach: I prepare appealing content, informative articles and blog posts, gripping dialogues, word play and advertising content – also without a foreign source text.

Your advantage: you receive idiomatic, faithful translations. A text that reads like a German original.

NB: creative translation = copywriting PLUS translation
= multilingual communication for your brand image and sales

Creative specialised translations, localisation and mixed genres

The following text types generally involve a combination of specialised translation and marketing.
They require outstanding creative skills, coupled with specialist knowledge:
  • Apps such as fitness software
  • Specialist publications
  • User manuals
  • In-game and in-app dialogue
  • Product catalogues and pages, both online and in print

When dealing with these formats, the translator is responsible for three aspects: keeping sight of the information provided and brand image. And conveying content in a manner appropriate to the target audience. One particularity of specialist publications: a certain duty to remain true to the original and the author. Content edits and major cultural adaptations must be discussed with the publisher/author.

Professionally sound and entertaining creative translations are a smart investment. They allow you to win new readers, customers and advertisers.

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JOURNALISTIC TRANSLATIONS: Books, magazines and blog posts

€0.18 per word

source text
LOCALISATION: Apps and Websites

€0.18 per word

source text
MARCOM TRANSLATIONS: Brochures, customer magazines, employee magazines, mailings, newsletters, presentations, press releases and product catalogues

€0.18 per word

source text
BASE RATE: Hourly rate for briefing, project work, research and translation

€90 per hour

Present yourself in the best light possible. Score points with your customers with my stylistic and content enhancements.
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Fast-flowing copy and translations create a powerful undertow. Think of your employees, customers and users. Do you really want to see them swept along helplessly by your content, one after the other?
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