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The Plus Effect in overview

Review your options. On this page you can read about the Plus Effect you get with Text & Translation Plus.

Original content, not generic blah-blah

Robot, go home! MT systems and text robots churn out cheap imitations. See the main differences here at a glance:

Machine translation and text robots
Text & Translation Plus
001110101 – lifeless generic texts
Did you know? Even modern MT systems and robots simply string together existing text snippets. Meaning it all sounds the same in the end: like rehashed sentence fragments.
100% heart and soul
Original texts and translations are creativity par excellence. I intuitively craft bespoke pieces according to your individual requirements.
The Plus Effect: you win over buyers, customers and readers with tailored originals.
Zero passion
Want to appeal to your readers' emotions? Then you must speak and feel like a human.
Endless emotional appeal
I translate and write as a human for humans.
The Plus Effect: the eyes take in your message – and it goes straight to the heart.

To conclude: in B2B and B2C, person-to-person communication is the only sensible option.

Triple creative power instead of run-of-the-mill regurgitation

The next important question: what is the difference between ordinary texts and professional translations from a multilingual content service with Plus Effect?

Ordinary professional translators and editors
Text & Translation Plus
Standard solutions
Accurate, well-researched and grammatically correct texts – that is what you’ll get from experienced/trained specialist translators and editors. But – that isn’t enough to create compelling content.
Triple creative power
I am a copywriter, specialised editor and creative translator in one.
The Plus Effect: content that informs AND appeals AND entertains. Genuine infotainment.

Don’t waste your time with mundane translations and marketing texts. A far better strategy: choose to amaze readers and boost brand loyalty instead.
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Creative marketing translations have a dramatic effect on your image – and your bottom line: hordes of new buyers and customers will flock to you –
including ones you didn’t know existed! Users will lay siege to your websites, devour your blog posts and sign up like there’s no tomorrow. Can you cope with the onslaught?
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