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How to recognise a professional translator and copywriter

Beware of wannabe translators, amateur journalists and recreational copywriters

The professional designations of translator, journalist and copywriter are not protected. This means: anyone who fancies it can accord themselves these titles – even if their language skills, technical expertise and subject knowledge are not up to scratch.

A few handy pointers to separate the wheat from the chaff:

Qualifications and memberships: BDÜ, ATA, ITI, SFT, Texterclub, etc.

Absolutely anyone can call themselves a translator, copywriter or journalist. Fortunately, though, there are a few professional designations in Germany that are protected. These include the titles of Diplom-Übersetzer, M.A. Translator and staatlich geprüfter Übersetzer. In those cases, you can rest assured: the person in question holds a recognised qualification from a certified institute.

Membership of a professional body is also an indication of quality. Hence the German BDÜ (Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer), French SFT (Société Française des Traducteurs) and American ATA (American Translators Association) only accept qualified translators as members. They only admit those holding appropriate qualifications or the equivalent professional experience. The British ITI (Institute of Translation and Interpreting) goes one step further: prospective members must complete an admission test in their chosen specialist field.

I am also licensed with the Texterclub as a copywriter. Admission involved a three-step process:
  1. Targeted practical training during seminars offered by the renowned Texterclub.
  2. Evaluation of expertise and competence by the Texterclub.
  3. Awarding of the title of copywriter.

With my services, you can be sure of certified quality. Welcome to the supreme discipline of creative content.

From the BDÜ through the ATA and ITI to the SFT: I belong to all of these professional translation associations. I am also a certified member of the Texterclub.

Website: design and content

High-quality training provides a solid foundation. You can spot reputable language service providers by their appealing, professional website. A smart web presence costs time and money. Those who make this investment have a clear professional goal. The content of the homepage is equally important. The key question to ask yourself: do you like the provider’s style?

Those who can sell themselves well will also showcase YOUR brand well.

Browse my additional content in the Info Zone. Ascend with me to the very pinnacle of the Pro Pyramid. Take a look behind the scenes in my blog about Marketing Translation.

Office and equipment

Check out your language service provider’s work environment. It’s well worth having a look around their office. High-quality equipment with up-to-date hardware means: your copywriter or translator is a bona fide professional. As the customer, you also stand to benefit from their ergonomic workplace. The advantages are clear: energised service providers can marshal more energy for an outstanding creative performance.

I channel my entire creative power into your project. To convey your message with energy and dynamism.

Take a look round my professional workplace.

Positive feedback on translations, advertising copy and PR texts

You’ve reassured yourself that you’ve found a real pro – with a qualification, licence, web presence and well-equipped office. But are they also the right person for your particular project? Take a look at the client feedback and professional experience. The specialist field and text types must be a good fit, too.

Do you have marcom texts or specialist content in your editorial plan? Then you need a successful creative marketing translator and editor familiar with your field. Only then will you score a sure-fire hit.

Review my Case Studies and Client Feedback.

A clearly defined profile

All languages, all subjects! While stocks last! Language service providers seeking to meet this claim pluck random generalists from a huge pool. Whoever is currently available and seems like a rough fit ...

My tip: only work with specialists with a clearly defined profile. Commission editors, copywriters and translators who have set a specific focus. They are guaranteed to be the best person for the job.

True specialisations stem from extensive experience of different:

1. services
2. formats
3. text types
4. sectors

I offer you a clearly defined spectrum of services:

1. service: creative translations and copywriting
2. formats: apps and websites, journals, newsletters
3. text types: blog posts, case studies, features, interviews, mailouts, press releases, reportage, article reviews
4. sectors: sport, health, games, IT

Convince yourself of the quality of my work now.
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