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MA Translator + Certified Copywriter + Certified Fitness Trainer
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PR and website for an artificial turf manufacturer

Transcreation for one of the world’s leading manufacturers of artificial turf (May 2010 to October 2016)
Translating press releases, websites and product brochures allowed me to gain in-depth knowledge of the production and installation of artificial turf. I took advantage of my dependable contacts at the Weber&Leucht textile testing laboratory to further my knowledge in the field of textile technology.

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Fitness equipment

Website of a world-famous manufacturer of fitness equipment (April to June 2017)

The company website features technical data on barbells, Olympic barbells, training frames, barbell racks, discuses and other sporting equipment. Those product descriptions have been incorporated into promotional texts. It consequently serves a dual purpose: on the one hand to sell and, on the other, to boost the brand image.

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Sports watches and activity trackers

Product documentation for the latest sports watches (January 2003 to December 2008)

One of my very first clients was an international sports retailer, through a Belgian translation agency. The projects involved cultural adaptation of the product documentation for the latest sports watches on the German, Austrian and Swiss markets.

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