Thorsten Distler
MA Translator + Certified Copywriter + Certified Fitness Trainer
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Website content: vielife health platform

Internet presence and content for the British health platform vielife (October 2010 to November 2013)

The vielife platform was geared towards large companies wishing to offer their staff free health coaching services. General lifestyle information had to be translated, along with questionnaires and offers for employees to encourage them to become more active. The platform also offered nutritional advice, relaxation methods and opportunities (meditation exercises, yoga, etc.) and the latest research findings.

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Copy-editing: Vegan in Topform

Copy-editing of the fitness and nutrition guide Vegan in Topform (November 2014)

For this project, I was commissioned to check the content and facts in the existing German translation as well as to review the style and grammar. While the working translation did not contain any major errors, it was still very much an unpolished draft. I was able to take the style and grammar to the next level and fix a number of minor bloopers.
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Incendiary Ideas


From apps to brochures to websites: incendiary copy and translations spread like wildfire. Ideas this catching are a hazard to tinder-dry content of all kinds. As soon as they set eyes on it sparks will fly, spreading uncontrollably to your readers and users.
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