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Wunderläuferland Kenia

Travel tales from the successful long-distance runner Jan Fitschen (March to June 2015)

A further copy-editing assignment during which I worked closely with Jan Fitschen (28 times German champion over distances from 3,000 metres to half marathon). Jan shares humorous and entertaining accounts of his time in Kenya. The book offers readers unique insights into the emotional world of a top-class runner but also makes for a gripping read about an adventurer who takes a look behind the scenes of the lives of Kenyan runners.

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Men’s Fitness triathlon guide

Men’s Fitness triathlon guide Ab zum Triathlon (October to November 2011)

Over 160 pages, the triathlon handbook shares insights into athletes’ current state of training and accompanies them through every step – or lap – of their development.

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Primal Endurance

Adaptation of the 350-page book Primal Endurance (November 2016 to April 2017)

In his fantastic training and health guide for endurance athletes, Mark Sisson explains the innovative approach he took to prepare his co-author Brad Kearns for success. Kearns used his health- and performance-enhancing training principles to win the Iron Man in Hawaii a grand total of six times. A compelling read – and proof that competitive and recreational sport are not mutually exclusive.

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Men’s Fitness cycling special

Men’s Fitness cycling guide Ab auf’s Rennrad (July to August 2014)

The comprehensive 160-page cycling bible advises both newcomers to the sport and ambitious amateurs on everything from the purchase of a new bike through bicycle set-up and repair to training plans, cycling techniques, injury prevention and nutrition planning.

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