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MA Translator + Certified Copywriter + Certified Fitness Trainer
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FizzUp fitness app

Translation of the entire fitness app and all marketing material from English and French into German (since July 2017)

For this project, I was able to draw on my comprehensive know-how as a sports translator, copywriter and fitness coach. The app contents range from user-tailored fitness training to healthy nutrition to yoga and stretching – all areas in which I have been closely involved for decades, both professionally and personally.

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Men’s Fitness magbooks

Men’s Fitness handbooks entitled Starke Arme, Breite Brust and Stein-Harter Sixpack (February, April and July 2014)

These 130-page magazine spin-offs targeted specific body zones, bundling information in powerful little packs.

My concise, pithy and to-the-point translations reflected the compact magbook format.

Michael Matthews: weight-loss guide and blog

Translation of the weight-loss guides Bigger Leaner Stronger and Thinner Leaner Stronger (May to October 2016)

These two comprehensive training handbooks on weight loss are geared towards readers striving for more lasting, long-term weight loss. Each book takes a science-based approach to examine the aspects of health, nutrition and fitness in around 300 pages. The author draws on the scientific findings from his vast wealth of knowledge to back up his advice and convince readers.

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Men’s Fitness magazine

Adaptation of the entire magazine for the German-speaking market (May 2010 to February 2017)

Every month for a total of seven years, I translated the famous Men's Fitness into German. Comprising 140 pages apiece, they covered a wide range of topics including:

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