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Blog post about the trigger pointing massage technique

SEO-optimised blog post about treating neck pain for the world’s biggest manufacturer of foam rollers (February 2020)

Through a copywriting agency, I received the fascinating commission to write a blog post that included training exercise tips and background information. The topic was using trigger pointing to treat neck pain with the aid of the universally popular foam roller.

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Sports bandaging

Ankle, knee, elbow and shoulder bandaging for sport (January 2003 to December 2008)

For this series of projects at the start of my translation career, I tapped into my sound medical knowledge acquired during the supplementary medicine seminars and courses on specialised medical translation completed at university. The lectures and exercises prepared me well and I was able to develop my knowledge of sports bandaging within just a short time in order to then translate the client’s product descriptions into German.

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Fitness and rehab app for physiotherapists and patients

Problems with the rotator cuff, embedded cartilage fragments associated with parrot beak meniscal tear, torn muscle fibres, return to sport after injury to the anterior cruciate ligament, arthritis in the knee joint... this specialised fitness and rehab app focused on the treatment of the commonest sports and everyday injuries. The target group was informed users and in particular sports physiotherapists.

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